Wildness is Necessary
Image of Magpie limited ed. linen patch, 4"x6"

Magpie limited ed. linen patch, 4"x6"


These tiny fallen bird prints were inspired by my friends' wonderful work with Project Safe Flight. Please consider reading up:

Limited edition hand printed artist print. No digital processes were used. As this is a hand printed product on fabric, there will be slight variations in color of print. Only two of these patches were made.

As an artist who uses the natural world as an inroad to address deeper issues, I love to find the beauty in the macabre. This series of small prints was created after a strange time when I repeatedly came upon the beautiful corpses of birds and started sketching them. It's good to remember that we are all part of a greater cycle, and that that circuity is beautiful in it's simplicity and lack of prejudice.

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