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Image of Endangered Florida Grasshopper Sparrow

Endangered Florida Grasshopper Sparrow


Unmatted, 5x7" signed open ed. artist print.

A few cool facts about the endangered grasshopper sparrow from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology:
-Grasshopper Sparrows are one of the few North American sparrows that sings two different songs. The more common song is a dry insect-like buzz, but they also have a more musical series of squeaky notes that the male gives in flight.
-Appropriately for this species, grasshoppers are the primary prey. Adults prepare grasshoppers for chicks by removing the legs of the insects, vigorously shaking them off pair by pair.

This high quality archival digital print of my original pen and ink drawing is signed and dated.
Size may vary slightly as each print is hand cut.

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